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Shito-Ryu Karate-Do Kyokai 

Our organization, located in Canada, offers instruction in the traditional Japanese Martial Arts as taught by the late Master, Fumio Demura, Shihan.

We offer instruction for adults and children in traditional Japanese Shito-Ryu style karate and Okinawan Kobudo (weaponry). Some locations offer instruction in Iai-Do (art of drawing the sword) and Batto-Do (art of cutting with the sword).

We also sponsor tournaments and special training seminars throughout the year for those members who are interested.

Our organization has offered instruction since 1984 and all instructors were authorized by Master Demura and are certified to teach. Please consider joining us today.


We have several locations throughout Saskatchewan and Alberta as well as Kingston, Ont. and Victoria, B.C. We also have a member dojo in Doha, Qatar. Contact one of our dojos or an instructor in your area for additional information.

Continuing the great legacy of Shihan Fumio Demura.


Friday, May 17 and Saturday, May 18, 2024

Holy Rosary High School Gym, Lloydminster, AB

Complete information is available from all Kyokai Instructors. Plan to attend!

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